Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree

Sacred and Magical Trees

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NatureDid you know that certain trees have always been considered magical and sacred? Myths and folklore of northern Europe are full of stories that involve the powerful spiritual presence of trees. Trees are full of energy and life force provided by Mother Earth.

The ancient Celts venerated the oak, ash, and thorn, because they believed that this trio is an extremely great and sacred combination. Groves containing all three of these are particularly magical places. 


What We Need Right Now …

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We all need more sunrays, more dirt under our fingers, and more of what only Mother Nature can give us. This is the primary reason for me to explore how much nature permeates every part of our life. And I will be sharing my discoveries with you along the way. I hope you’ll join me and share your insights about nature’s help with being more creative. 


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