What To know About Eco-Friendly Destinations

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Impact of travel on the planet

You may be concerned for the impact of our travels on the planet, from the greenhouse gas emissions of our flights to the litter we leave behind in scenic areas, but if you’d like a support for your concern, please take time to view Earth.





Criteria for Sustainable Tourism to help alleviate impact of travel 

World travel and sustainability make good eco-friendly partnerships

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The World Loves to Travel

It’s seems like more and more of us are moving around the globe, since travel and tourism are one of the world largest industries. It generates about 10% of total world GDP (gross domestic product) and employs over 10% of the global workforce, and it’s on the verge of tremendous growth. In 2004, there were 760 million international tourism arrivals – an increase of 10% over 2003 and the World Tourism Organization expects to reach one billion tourists in 2012. WorldTourismorganization

Eco-Friendly travel’s long journey to today

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When and where did Eco-Friendly travel begin? For clarification, Eco-friendly and ecotourism are used interchangeably along with the idea of green travel. Ecotourism is a travel concept that may be confusing. The Encarta Dictionary definition is “a form of tourism that strives to decrease ecological or other damage to areas visited for their natural or cultural interest.” And the idea of Eco-friendly is older than you think. Yes, the concept of green travel goes back as far back as Cesar and up through history to our current idea of Ecotourism that started in 1980 and increased to become one of the largest tourism segment.

Summer’s ended, but don’t you still dream of traveling to faraway places?

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If you’re like me, a person who laps up travel experiences and can’t wait for a new trip, you like the travel bug to itch. But when Labor Day arrives, it brings the end of the big travel season. In case you have travel withdrawal, I like to share some travel nourishment. Okay?

How about a quick flyover of America?


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