Ten reasons why you should consider an Eco-Friendly nature trip

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We need nature. Without contact with nature, we may lose the best of what life can give us. That’s sounds serious, but it’s true. Richard Louv says in best in his book, “The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age.” He says that whole family and whole communities can become happier, healthier, and smarter through more contact with nature. With the all our technology and manmade comforts, many of us find it difficult to get out and enjoy a simple walk in the woods or a stroll on a warm sandy beach. How many of us have an opportunity to venture into unspoiled nature preserves where our senses get awakened to natures’ wonders. Richard Louv’s research found how much we need contact with nature.

Here’s an Eco-Friendly Travel Suggestion for Christmas – Have Christmas in England.

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Celebrating Christmas in England started over one thousand years ago. Christmas celebration began when Christianity arrived on its shores. And as one of the two most holy festivals in the calendar – the other was Easter – Christmas in England was celebrated with solemnity and fasting and prayer, culminating finally in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Later, in the Middle Ages, Christmas celebrations became bigger. Many kings of England held spectacular Christmas Courts, when they wore their crowns to impress their subjects and accepted oaths of fealty.

How can Eco-Friendly vacations offer self-discovery and culture awareness opportunities?

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In our obsession to stay wired to the others we’re saturated with electronics gadgets. Do you feel like you’re losing the deeper connections with your life? Are your surroundings blurred and out of focus. To reconnect and refocus an Eco-Friendly vacation provides a soothing solution.

Eco-Friendly vacations are learning experiences

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Why do Eco-Friendly travelers like green education?

Eco-Friendly travelers like green education: When you pick an Eco-Friendly vacation the world is your classroom. All green travel is a learning experience. Education related green travel  divides into two types: One has limited use of travel and centers around a particular place or campus where participants come from all around the globe to learn. The other involves traveling during the program. Such as tours with a specific theme. Most consist of lecturers given by professors, curators, and other experts.


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