How to begin the New Year right with a cultural ecotourism vacation

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ECO-CULTURALAre you looking for inspiration in a vacation to places where you can experience the beauty of spots in the world’s most preserved locales?

Are you looking for a vacation that takes you to different regions on the globe where you can feel good about yourself? A trip that makes you feel could about yourself would include the following:

  • You get to see a preserved part of the world that is outside the mainstream traffic.

How to take Eco-Friendly vacations and make friends around the world

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            people around the worldWhen we adventure around the world, we remember the people we met more than the sites we visited, or the mountains we climbed. People from every country and culture make our experiences lasting. Without the local interaction we’d never learn the special places and the uniqueness of a culture that only locals share. We get enriched by the people we meet when we accept the cultural differences; learn their customs and cultural norms; and if possible learn their language before we go. Our perspectives of another country irrevocably change. Best of all, we become friends. And it’s true that ecotourism seeks to build cultural and environmental awareness by providing positive experiences for both the visitors and the hosts.

Can a luxury vacation be eco–friendly?

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If you want to take a luxury vacation with Eco-Friendly qualities, you’re in luck. Most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world are Eco-Friendly and apply extra measures to meet sustainable ecotourism requirements. Plus, luxury eco-tours offer clients some of the most high-adrenalin thrills on the world travel market. You find that these adventures are fun, challenging and relaxing. And they make you feel good about your trip, since you had an opportunity to give back to a local community and help sustain the environment. As Brian T. Mullis, president of Sustainable Travel International  , says, “Eco-tourism affords travelers the opportunity to directly benefit the people and places they visit by supporting conservation and protecting cultural heritage as well as economic development.” He adds that, “Taking an Eco-Friendly vacation provides responsible travelers with an opportunity to do their part.” To insure travelers that they are Eco-Friendly, Mr. Mullis cites that operators and resorts known for best sustainable tourism practices received awards and, most importantly, all have been audited by an independent third party.

Eco-Friendly vacations for the physically active adventure seekers

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If you’re an active, thrill seeker, you probably get restless looking at the world through a window of a fast moving vehicle or high-flying airplane. You want to get out there and climb a mountain, ski a mountain, hike a mountain or dive in the ocean.






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