Find Adventure, Connect with Nature in Patagonia

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ADVENTURERAdventure means many things. “Adventure” is defined in the dictionary as “an undertaking or enterprise of a hazardous nature; an unusual or exciting experience; participation in hazardous or exciting experiences.” Today, we have less new places and new worlds to discover. Our worlds today are about self-discovery. It’s more about taking yourself to the extremes of your physical capacity of endurance in inspiring and exciting ways. Adventure can be about broadening your knowledge of other places, people, culture, and lifestyles.       

Can your family benefit from an eco-friendly adventure vacation?

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Would you and your family prefer to scale a mountain in Colorado or the Himalayas, go scuba diving in the Caribbean or Australia, or wander through a farmer’s market in Italy or Vietnam? What counts — for each of us — is the new ways we see the world — and possibly make new friends in foreign places.

Three reasons to take an Eco-Friendly family vacation in Montana

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HORSE HEADLINEYour next Eco-Friendly family vacation might be to Montana. The Nature Conservancy has just the place for the whole family to explore the untamed, the wild, and the natural.. In 1979, The Nature Conservancy became owners of the historic PineButteGuestRanch . Pine Butte Guest Ranch is set on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, where the mountains meet the prairies in a dramatic convergence of rocky cliffs abutting grassy hills. The result is one of the most biologically rich regions in the entire country. It’s one of the last places where grizzly bears still venture out onto the open plains. Free ranging herds of bison are all but gone, but all the other animals found here by the Lewis and Clark Expedition still roam free.

Why is Belize a good family Eco-Friendly vacation spot?

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ECOTOURISMWhy is Belize a good choice for an Eco-Friendly family vacation? The best answer is that it offers children a good mix of education and water fun. Of interest to parents and your pocket book is that most hotels in Belize give discounts for children under 12 years old and children under 4 years old are usually allowed to stay for free. Next, many of the resorts have specific children’s programs that include village arts and crafts, interpretive ecotrail programs and visits to Mayan ruins, canoe rides, traditional Mayan music, and butterfly sanctuary visits. Finally, children have opportunities to experience history, nature, culture, and adventure. The topmost reward for a family who takes an ecotour to Belize are lasting memories and teachable moments for the whole family to share.


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