How about a supercharged Eco-Friendly vacation with culture and art

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Being Eco-Friendly gives you a desire to preserve the natural and cultural places that you visit for vacations. Since you are an Eco-Friendly person you probably spend more time in nature. Spending time in nature increase your creativity. If you’re Eco-Friendly or if you just want to feed your creative urges you might want to take Eco-Friendly vacation that includes culture and art in the agenda.

Why take an eco-Friendly adventure vacation in Santa Barbara

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santa BarbaraSanta Barbara for the ecotourist

Santa Barbara loves the color green with the its twelve parks, hundreds of trees and immense range of open space. But there’s more—let’s take a look at the reasons why Santa Barbara is a celebrated Ecoptia. It’s a community that holds a long-term record in the preservation of their natural spaces for everyone to enjoy.


7 Eco-Friendly culinary adventures with biking, hiking, and yoga

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What better way to take an Eco-Friendly vacation than to go on one that lets you enjoy the culinary delights of a region by pedaling or hiking along its back roads. Or you may want to take a horse back ride or learn yoga while you experience the scenery and continue to preserve it. With these types of trips you can have invigorating sensory and physical experiences as you work up an appetite for the next delicious meal.

How Eco-Friendly foodies find travel adventures

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culinary gardensDo you love new cuisine experiences? Do you seek out travel that offers adventure?

But, do you want cuisine experiences and adventures that will help sustain and preserve earth’s beauty? Then a culinary eco-tourism is just the ticket for you. Its goal is to educate and inspire food and wine enthusiasts while it gives them a chance to travel and explore local areas around the world. The traveler gets an opportunity to explore local areas and learn about local food trends, cooking techniques, and food history.

Make your Eco-Friendly vacation lasting with photography workshops

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HEADERsIf you’re Eco-Friendly, you’re a responsible traveler who wants to visit places on this planet that we all want to preserve for their natural, cultural, and environmental beauty. You may already be a photographer who takes beautiful pictures that capture these places for everyone to enjoy; to either inspire others to visit these locales or share  ecotourism gems with people who cannot visit them. Regardless, if you’re a photographer you know in your heart, why you like to take pictures.


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