What’s so good about luxury camping in Wyoming and Montana?

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For starters, luxury camping is Glamping.

Eco-friendly travel creates new trends. Glamping is one trend that is growing in all parts of the world and all price ranges. Many of us love nature and want to fight to keep it pristine, but we still want a clean bed, a warm bath or shower and maybe a gourmet mral to fill our tummies after day hiking in the woods. We even want to sleep next to the trees separated with only a luxury canvas tent and hope that the bears don’t join us for a night’s sleep? Isn’t it nice to enjoy luxury and nature at the same time? And it’s Eco-Friendly.

Glamor, luxury vacations can be eco-friendly.

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We know that the travel industry contributes to a significant amount of waste and pollution. As an Eco-friendly traveler you care about the environment and want sustainability wherever you can find it. That being said, even with good environmental intentions, many of you don’t want to curtail your special holidays completely. The promise of a luxury trip is too compelling. Even as nature lovers who take  adventure excursions into the wilderness, you may want some glamor once in awhile. The idea of luxury isn’t often associated with going ‘back to basics’. But in response to environmental pressures and innovative design, the luxury industry is increasingly looking for a ways to offer its clients high-quality luxury with a low environmental impact.

Do your children need an environmental summer camp for some green fun?

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Every kid should take a week or two at a sleep-away camp to get them off the couch, away from the Wi-Fi, and detached from their cell phones in favor of hiking, swimming, and exploring the great outdoors. Across the country and around the world there are camps that focus on getting kids in touch with Mother Nature — from working in gardens that provide the camps with food to taking daily walks to look for different plants and animals — so that they come back more in touch with their environmental side than ever.

Why your kids need to take a train trip this summer

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Well, to help them see and discover the world from the ground up, that’s why. Train trips can be a great adventure for you and your children. Rushing to school, rushing to after school events, rushing to get the latest test or tweet is numbing whether you’re five or fifty.



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