How Eco-Friendly travelers enjoy the French countryside

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France is one the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Travelers from all over come to enjoy its combination of stunning scenery, beautiful architecture, rich culture, and fine cuisine. What’s more, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the UK either by plane or by train.

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Nowadays, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum is important to many so if you are looking for Eco-friendly accommodation in France you can find them in luxury yurts in many regions of France.

What to do before you take an Eco-Friendly vacation

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PLANNINGPlanning an Eco-Friendly vacation can be fun, but before you go here are some tips on what to consider. There’s more, we’re sharing a  helpful packing checklist and resource link.


Before you go – what to consider:

1.   Choose your travel provider on the basis of their eco principles and practices.


2.   Educate yourself about the destination you are visiting by reading guidebooks and travel articles.

Would you like to visit cities with Eco-Friendly hikes?

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Are you an Eco-Friendly traveler who likes to know the best walking and hiking trails in the cities you visit? You might be a traveler who wants to get fit and explore the cities you visit on foot? Or do you wonder why anyone would walk when they could hail a taxi or drive to all their destinations. The first two groups already know about the environmental and health reasons to walk as for those of you questioning the idea of walking. For the walking proponents this is a refresher, but here are the top reasons to take a hike when you visit a city. Of course, walking is good anywhere, anytime.


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