5 Ecotourism vacations trends for unique vacations

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Ecotourism keeps moving forward just like the travels’ movement. New trends continue to meet the desires of Eco-conscious travelers’ passion to the see the world, connect with the world, and preserve and protect the world they visit.


What are the new Eco-Vacation trends?

Meeting the need for less impact on the environment:

Structural Changes:

Take a look at Four Exotic Views of Ecotourism

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Interested in an Ecotourism vacation that refreshes, restores, and preserves? Then, you’ll enjoy this short visual tour via YouTube.  Seeing is always the best way to tell a story. And. it may inspire to take your own Ecotourism vacation.













Six things to consider for your Eco-Friendly vacation

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Okay. Are you ready to plan an Eco-Friendly vacation? Eco-Friendly is a green travel. As a green traveler you consider yourself a responsible traveler who looks for business, tour operators, and transportation methods that preserve the local environment and contribute to the local community. Here’s a helpful checklist to use as you plan your Eco-Friendly trip.



Eco-Friendly Glamping enjoy and protect nature in luxury

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Exploring Eco-Friendly Travel Trends

Eco-friendly travel creates new trends. Glamping is one of these trends that is growing in all parts of the world and all price ranges. Many of us love nature and want to fight to keep it pristine, but we still want a clean bed, a warm bath or shower and maybe a gourmet meal after a day of hiking in the woods or biking up and down mountain terrains. Maybe we even want to sleep next to the trees separated with only a luxury canvas tent and hope that the bears don’t join us for a night’s sleep? Isn’t it nice to enjoy luxury and nature at the same time? And it’s Eco-Friendly.


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