Why take a family vacation to get unplugged?

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Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein


The start of a new year is a great time to get your body, mind, and spirit in shape. When your mind and spirit sparkle, your body will join in. A good place to start tuning up your mind is to unplug from your wired world of smart phones, 24/7 e-mails, Internet connect, and all other electronic devices that take you into the world but away from you.

Why not take your next vacation in Paris the place for lovers and writers?

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More than just a city for lovers, Paris is also a source of inspiration where the great writers have long gravitated. Writers such as Sartre, Hemingway, Miller, Maurras, Hugo and more penned some of their greatest works in the bustling cafés and bars of the French capital. To many Paris means creativity.


Why not take a magical vacation to visit Ireland’s literary heroes?

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Why has Ireland, such a small island, produced so many great novelists, playwrights, and poets?

This Emerald Island with three bodies of water surrounding it seems to bubble over with gifted people who possess an innate sense of storytelling and drama.

If you were to check the list of Nobel Prize winners since its inception, youd find that Ireland ranks eighth in terms of how many it has produced over the years. Just what is it that makes the Irish so good at writing and the creative process? Do you want to discover Ireland creativity wonders for yourself?

Old books come alive in London-a vacation for the whole family

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Authors find their inspiration from the surroundings. If you love great works of fiction or want to understand the works at a new level, you’d love to take a London literary tour. From Chaucer to Dickens, Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf, London has provided inspiration (and a home) to some of the English language’s greatest writers. You can venture a walk on your own and explore at your leisure or you can sign up for an organized walking tour.


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