Are you a wonder woman? You need an adventure vacation just for you.

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A few years ago, the phrase “girlfriend getaway” meant a group of women pampering themselves with spa treatments, wine tasting, or shopping the day away.Today, it’s more likely a “women’s adventure getaway” with women seeking experiences where: 1) they train and transform their bodies for an adventure trip; 2) they expose themselves to new people and places to stimulate their mind; and 3.) they take a moment away from everyday hassles and distractions to reconnect, recharge, and renew themselves.

A good adventure vacation needs a good checklist

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Adolf_Friedrich_Erdmann_von_Menzel_044Planning is the first step in a great adventure vacation.

REI the place for people who love to get outside and play. That’s why it’s the source for the active traveler. If you’re planning an adventure trip, you’ll find REI’s checklist invaluable. It provides a comprehensive list for the active adventure traveler.  Just to help you not forget anything important.

If you want more help in planning your adventure trip, visit  REI.

Eco-Friendly vacations for the adventure seeker

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If you’re an active, thrill seeker, you will probably get restless looking at the world through a window of a fast moving vehicle or high flying airplane. You want to get out there and climb a mountain, ski a mountain, hike a mountain or dive in the ocean.

Or maybe, you want to escape the efficiency of technology and progress to stop and enjoy the quiet beauty of a mountain sunset or the excitement of seeing majestic wild animals. You are people who want to experience and live the excitement of your vacation by living it and breathing it.

How to make friends around the world with this Eco-Friendly vacation

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What is the best part of traveling around the world? Isn’t it the people we met more than the sites we visited, or the mountains we climbed? People from every country and culture make our experiences lasting. Without the interaction with the locals, we’d never learn the special places and the uniqueness of a cultural that only locals share. We get enriched by the people we meet when we accept the cultural differences; learn their customs and cultural norms; and if possible learn their language before we go. Our perspectives of another country irrevocably change. Best of all, we become friends and build cultural and environmental awareness.

6 Benefits from staying home this vacation

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Staycations can be the greenest and cheapest of vacations. Just turn the lights off, get out, and enjoy your city. Find a neat organic food market that you never knew about, spend time in your favorite park or hang out in your backyard. With a staycation a family takes an allotted time off not to jet off to new pastures, but to take time to enjoy old pastures.


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