Adventure vacations for wandering wonder women

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A few years ago, the phrase “girlfriend getaway” meant a group of women pampering them with spa treatments, wine tasting, or shopping the day away.

Today, it’ more likely a “women’s adventure getaway” with women seeking experiences where: 1) they train and transform their bodies for an adventure trip; 2) they expose themselves to new people and places to stimulate their mind; and 3.) they take a moment away from everyday hassles and distractions to reconnect, recharge, and renew themselves.

Why not take your family on a vacation with an experience like a famous novelist

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Before you take a family vacation, you probably peruse a couple of travel books and search the web for interesting details that you and family will like to know. You look for interesting details about the locale that will make your family’s trip meaningful. To go deeper and find out more about a vacation destination, reading a novel about the place will open the doors to all your senses. You’ll get a creative view of a place from some of the greatest writers. Feel and see and the places you may visit with writers like Willa Cather, John Steinbeck, and Mark Twain and experience interesting vacation locations will give you and your family lasting memories.


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Are you thinking of taking an ecotourism vacation? Eco tourism is green travel. Green travelers consider themselves responsible travelers who look for business, tour operators, and transportation methods that preserve the local environment and contribute to the local community. Here’s a helpful checklist to use as you plan your Eco tourism trip.


1. Types of Transportation:


 Walk and cycle during your trip; take     public transportation; rent hybrid vehicles, 0r travel by train whenever possible.

What are the benefits of a family Eco adventure vacation?

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Would you and family prefer to scale a mountain in Colorado or the Himalayas,


go scuba diving in the Caribbean or Australia,



or wander through a farmer’s  market in Italy or Vietnam?




What counts — for each of us — is the new ways we see the world — and possibly make new friends in foreign places.


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