Visit Charles Dickens’ London and have the best Christmas ever

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It started in October 1843 when Charles Dickens wrote one of his most famous and best-loved books, A Christmas Carol.







Today many think of Dickens as the creator of our modern Christmas spirit.









Coca-Cola gave us the red-coated Santa and Prince Albert introduced the Christmas tree.

Are you missing out on life? Use your sensory awareness like DaVinci.

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It’s through our senses that we experience life, and it is through our senses that we can reawaken to a fuller and more authentic way of being. For many us, we’re losing a valuable part of daily living. We’re getting out of touch with our sensory experiences that give us joy. We’re bombarded with over stimulation from visual and audio technology. Don’t we sometimes feel numbness to real feeling, seeing and hearing the real things in our life?


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