9 Amazing sites for a magical Iceland vacation

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Iceland, the 3rd happiest country in the world, is a land of magic. Starting with the name Iceland, which may inspire you to conjure up images of ice and icy landscapes. You’ll have to trek to Greenland for the ice and icy wonders of your dreams. Vikings from Norway settled Iceland sometime in the 800s. Connecting the Icelandic horses in the country today is unique in the fact since they are direct descendants from their ancestral Vikings’ horses.

Best secret places for a memorable vacation in Switzerland

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Not only is Switzerland the United Nations’ 2nd Happiest country in the world, but it has most interesting secret places to expand and add wonder to any weary tourist’s vacation hopes.

So let’s hop aboard and let’s visit Switzerland ‘s best trains.

Where to start: Transportation

The best way to explore Switzerland, whether it’s the secret parts or not, is on the country’s super-efficient rail network. Trains are clean, comfortable, run on time, and offer a moving view of some of the world’s most postcard-perfect scenery. For the best value is the SwissPass.


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