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From the beginning of time to the 21st-century people described certain areas as being holy or magical, as having a concentrated power or presence of spirit.

Ancient legends, historical records, and contemporary reports tell of extraordinary, even miraculous happenings at these places where the sick become well; deities appear; artists receive inspiration, prophets see visions and sages attain spiritual enlightenment.



Kids need adventure. Take them to visit Paddington Bear’s hometown.

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What are the benefits for children from reading literature?
Many educators agree that reading literature gives children these valuable life skills:
Literature provides pleasure to listeners and readers. It is a relaxing escape from daily problems, and it fills leisure moments.
Literature builds experience. Children expand their horizons through vicarious experiences
Literature provides a language model for those who hear and read it. Good literature exposes children to correct sentence patterns, standard story structures, and varied word usage
Literature develops thinking skills.

Why you should visit Finland for an outdoor adventure.

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Why should you get outdoors?

Numerous scientific studies found that nature improves our health and well-being in at least three ways:



  • Physical activity increases when we get outdoors. Nature makes us move.
  • Nature revives and helps us recover from stress. We find our concentration improves, and we can also reduce our pulse rate and blood pressure.

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