Three reasons to take a Mississippi River Cruise

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You cannot surprise an individual more than twice with the same marvel
Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

But the Mississippi River offers three experiences and surprises that you will not find anywhere else.





Feel like an explorer.

When you travel along the Mississippi River you can dive deep into the feelings of the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto who is credited with the European discovery of the Mississippi River in 1541.

What is the lure of river cruises? Find out and take a Charleston, SC and Low country cruise.

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No man ever steps in the same river twice for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.” Heraclitus





A river cruise, as it moves with the rhythm of water, is one of the best journeys to help you refresh, recharge, and renew.

How can a river cruise cure your information overload and the effects of our hectic desensitized daily lives?

Why you should dress up for your next airplane trip.

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“During the golden age of commercial air travel, in the 1960s and 1970s, flying was akin to being at a cocktail party on wings when everyone dressed for the occasion.” Christopher Muther, a Boston Globe staff travel writer.

What do leading travel experts say about dressing up for air travel?

Air Travel today compared to the Golden Age of Travel.

From a travel writer:


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