Why you should dress up for your next airplane trip.

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“During the golden age of commercial air travel, in the 1960s and 1970s, flying was akin to being at a cocktail party on wings when everyone dressed for the occasion.” Christopher Muther, a Boston Globe staff travel writer.

What do leading travel experts say about dressing up for air travel?

Air Travel today compared to the Golden Age of Travel.

From a travel writer:

Why you should visit Finland for an outdoor adventure.

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Why should you get outdoors?

Numerous scientific studies found that nature improves our health and well-being in at least three ways:



  • Physical activity increases when we get outdoors. Nature makes us move.
  • Nature revives and helps us recover from stress. We find our concentration improves, and we can also reduce our pulse rate and blood pressure.

Supercharge your New Year – Celebrate in Scotland

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Do you want to start the New Year with a bang? Would you like to hop on a plane where you can visit a world-class country? Then put a trip Scotland on New Year’s celebration list.

Why is Scotland the place to welcome in the New Year?

To start, Hogmanay is Scotland’s New Year celebration. It’s the biggest holiday of the winter season.

3 ways to help you with travel withdrawal at the end of summer

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Are you like me, a person who guzzles up travel experiences and can’t wait for a new trip? Maybe you have a year round travel itch. But when Labor Day arrives, it brings us to the end of the big travel season. In case, you have travel withdrawals, I ‘d like to share some travel nourishment.


For starters, how about flying over America?

Now, let’s travel the world and the seven seas.


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