Best Viking lovers sites for a fantastic Norway vacation

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Norway the 4th happiest country in the world beckons travelers to come and find happiness and much more. Travelers to Norway continue to find inspiration in its combination of gorgeous, harsh landscape, myths, and legends.

For many people when they think of Norway they think of the Vikings, and it’s colorful images of horned helmets, berserkers, longships, Valhalla, the one-eyed god Odin and men dying sword in hand or drinking out of skulls. The intrigue of the Vikings calls them to come and see their ancient world.

Best 11 ways to enjoy the experiences of the happiest country in the world in your home

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In 2012 the United Nations started to report on the quality of life for citizens around the world. The same 13 countries dominated the top of the list. Out of these thirteen countries, Denmark gained the 1st place each year. The United Nations determined the quality of life for citizens around the world through surveys and data analysis. The analysis found that the happiest countries possess a winning formula of good governance, strong sense of community, respect for fellow citizens, and general high quality of life.


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