Why Take a Hudson River Valley Vacation?

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Well, for lovers of legends, storytelling, and nature they’ll find that the Catskills and the Hudson River Valley offer something for everyone. Fodor says it best, “Rising between the Hudson River to the east and the upper Delaware and Susquehanna rivers to the south and west, the Catskills-called Oneteora, or “land in the sky”, by the Algonquians and “these fairy mountains” by Washington Irving-are among the most visited, written-about, and painted mountain ranges in the country.

We also have the Hudson River School to thank for nature conservancy and the protection of federal lands and wild space and our National Parks.

As a writer, I want to spent time in WashingtonIrving ‘s home, Sunnyside, a major center for the Romantic Period and Hudson River School for writers, artists and other creative individuals.

Many say that the Hudson River Valley provided inspiration for Washington Irving to become the first American Man of letters. Especially, with the characters and legends for his loved storytelling tales of rural Americans with ‘Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. It might be fun to take a look at Sleepy Hollow with the help this National Geographic YouTube presentation. Have fun and enjoy with Ichabod Crane and the mysterious Headless Horseman.


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