Eco-friendly travel trends – glamping is outdoor sleeping in luxury

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Exploring Eco-Friendly Travel Trends

Eco-friendly travel creates new trends. Glamping is one of these trends that is growing in all parts of the world and all price ranges. Many of us love nature and want to fight to keep it pristine, but we still want a clean bed, a warm bath or shower and maybe a gourmet meal after a day of hiking in the woods or biking up and down mountain terrains. Maybe we even want to sleep next to the trees separated with only a luxury canvas tent and hope that the bears don’t join us for a night’s sleep? Isn’t it nice to enjoy luxury and nature at the same time? And it’s Eco-Friendly.

Why Glamping?

It’s Ecologically Friendly:

With glamping, less is  more. Glamping doesn’t require construction and management. Its accommodations use the surrounding elements of nature.

For example, it may include: composting toilets, solar power, and working gardens.  

You Can’t Get Any Closer to Nature:

Glamping lets you connect with and experience nature. It let’s you escape the bustle and noise of the city and sameness of the suburbs. It provides a place to relax and recharge.

The Adventures are Endless:

The choices range from hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, canoeing, and animal watching to luxury hotel and resorts with outdoor sleeping accommodations and wine tasting. There’s such a variety of places and activities. From Norway, where you can stay in yurt-style accommodations that place you in the best mountain biking terrain in the world to the United States with luxury camping sites in some of it’s most breathtaking national parks. You can find adventures that are as vast as the big sky. 


 glampinghub gives you ideas for some of glamping structures.


Or you may want to enjoy a luxury tipi nature  experience  outside Santa Barbara in Southern California at the elcapitancanyon .



 In the United States, Fodors gives you some ideas of glamping places. Like this “Resorts at Paw Up” in Montana.

  CondeNastTraveler gives you a guide to luxury glamping around the world. Like this glamping tent in Mirano, Italy

It’s Here to Stay

impactlab   ”Welcoming the era of glamping and glamour camping” states the following data for glamping’s growth.

The statistics bear this out. Outdoor equipment store REI reports sales of family tents are up by 20%. Ohio State Parks data from mid-July show camping has increased by over 15% from last year, and getaway rentals — ranging from platform tents to camper cabins — also are up by almost 5%.

 Nationally, campground reservations in the first six months of 2009 rose 8% over last year. In fact, Yellowstone Park had a record number of visitors in July, with over 900,000, up from about 800,000 in July 2008. The sale of fishing licenses nationwide is up 7% this year.

Now, please go and enjoy some glamping.



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