Is an Eco-Friendly vacation really good and green?

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         Green travelers are a special group, who look for adventure and meaning in their vacation. Green travelers take their Eco-Friendly good intention on their journeys to and during their stays in Eco-locations. They want to promote natural ecosystem conservation and biodiversity that also supports local communities and economies. It’s no argument that Eco-Friendly travelers found a good thing and are now one the largest travel segments.

         Destinations like Lake Niassa in Mozambique call them to travel from around the globe to stay at the mandawilderness. It’s a tropical island with beaches covered in soft sand that slips between your toes. It’s home to wonderful lake with water that’s saltless, crystal clear, and chock full of a multitude of indigenous fish. Livingstone named it the “Star Lake.  Who wouldn’t consider this as a vacation destination?

The Debate goes on:






         As we know, too much of a good thing might be a bad thing. The increase in the rush of eager Eco-Friendly, green-seeking Westerners that flock to pristine parts of the world raise questions. Many worry that the amount of tourism disturbs animals, creates demands for new development, and only employs local people in low paying jobs. Mother Nature Network’s article ecotourism-green-problem-or-green-solution looks at both sides of the issue:  conservationists concern that ecotourism is a threat to the natural areas and the idea that planned ecotourism destination with increased tourist help preserve wildlife.

         Debate:_Ecotourism provides a thorough Pro/Con debate, which discusses the following:

  •          Environment: Does ecotourism benefit the environment?
  •          Culture: Is ecotourism good for cultural understanding?
  •          Local Effects: Do local populations benefit?

         When you have time to review it, you find it a great resource for both sides of the Ecotourism issues.

Support for the Good Ecotourism:






         After looking at the Pros and Cons of ecotourism, I think being a responsible Eco-Friendly traveler visiting natural areas is a good thing. As Dave Williams, says in, , “One could argue that just visiting natural areas, to some degree, has a negative impact,” said Williams. “But by showing our guests the wonders and beauty of these destinations, we are generating awareness. This awareness will hopefully, in turn, spawn a desire among our guest to help preserve these few remaining natural wonders.”

         Finally, please take a look at a successful,sustainable ecotourism project in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.


Your thoughts:

         What are your experiences are thoughts about the pros and cons ecotourism? It would be wonderful to hear from you.


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