Eco-Friendly vacations are learning experiences

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Why do Eco-Friendly travelers like green education?

Eco-Friendly travelers like green education: When you pick an Eco-Friendly vacation the world is your classroom. All green travel is a learning experience. Education related green travel  divides into two types: One has limited use of travel and centers around a particular place or campus where participants come from all around the globe to learn. The other involves traveling during the program. Such as tours with a specific theme. Most consist of lecturers given by professors, curators, and other experts.



Characteristics of Green Education:

  • You don’t have to be intellectually oriented, but just curious about a subject
  •  You don’t have to be college or high-school graduate to take part

  • There are no exams-no papers to prepare – no home work

  •  Most educational tours include field trips, sightseeing tours, museum, and other pleasant tourist oriented activities

  Smithsonian is a leader in green educational travel:

The number one tourist attraction in Washington, DC, isn’t the White House or the Visitors Gallery in the Capital Building, It’s an hour, an afternoon, a week or a lifetime exploring diverse museum and it’s entire world  in the Smithsonian.

Smithsonian Institution offers two travel programs: Smithsonian Journeys and Smithsonian Student Travel.

Smithsonian Journeys

SmithsonianJourney  is the place where green travelers have a wide range of programs and destination choices to enjoy a memorable experience for every dream vacation.   

The choices include:

            Family Programs

            Ocean cruises

            River cruises

            Private Departure

            Private Jets

            Small Group Tours

            Train Travel

            Special Tours

What would you see and do on a tour? SmithsonianCentralAmerica is an example of a Smithsonian Journey to Central America. Lead by a Smithsonian study leader, Jim Karr, professor emeritus of ecology at the University of Washington. In his guided tour to Costa Rica, his group meets a pair of Quetzals with  excitement and wonder for these beautiful creatures. Enjoy the pictures.

And if you’d like to see some other Smithsonian Journey education tours, please take a look at these special tours: SmithsonianEducationalTours

Smithsonian Student Travel                       

SmithsonianStudentTravel offers teachers and students a vast array of programs to explore America. Smithsonian’s 45 years of experience and vast educational resources offer students value with educational and cultural experiences.  

SmithsonianStudentTravelPresidentialinauguration2013  is one educational tour that is a lifetime experience that only Smithsonian could offer students.

Enjoy your learning experiences


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