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ROMANTICAre you planning a romantic getaway with the advantages of Eco-tourism? For lovers, Hawaii could be your choice. It’s the land of romance, and it offers Eco-tourism that helps you share an awareness of other cultures and still keep the natural ecosystem.

Hawaiian Eco-tourism:


For help finding Certified Eco-tour Operators the Hawaii Ecotourism Association developed an Eco-tourism program with the following objectives:

             To educate commercial tour operators on responsible use of natural and cultural resources;

             To contribute to the conservation and sustainability; and  

             To raise awareness among visitors.    

HawaiiTourismDirectory  is your source  for award winning operators receiving  a certificate in the Hawaii Ecotourism Association  2011 Pilot Project for Ecotour Operators who met  the specific ecotourism requirements.

LOVERS2Lovers Hawiian Ecotourism Destination:






The Big Island of Hawaii gives you a wide choice of romantic ways and places to enjoy Hawaii.


big island

Here’s some of the places where you discover romantic settings of every scope and size on the big Hawaii Island:

  • A sea of stars in the ink-black sky above Maunakea.

The two of you will find an island of epic size where you’ll can also find little things to relive and share for a lifetime.

 Things like:

  •  Enjoying a couples massage at a world-class resort;
  •  Seeing the island’s amazing assortment of orchids in Hilo; and
  •  Taking a sunset cruise from Honokohau Harbor along the lava-lined coastline.


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