Six reasons why families should take an Eco-Friendly vacation

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outdoor family vacationMany families find that ecotourism vacations bring learning to a new level, since ecotourism is full of what educators call teachable moments. Parents find that ecotourism offers unplanned opportunities for children to explore and unintentionally learn outside the classroom, since most ecotourism vacations include meaningful time in nature.


Wonders of Nature

children learningAn important part of ecotourism vacations is time in nature. When we spend time outdoors hiking, fishing, climbing, swimming in nature, we gain sensitivity and awareness of our connection to nature. Active time in nature helps keep our bodies fit and minds sharp and clear through exercises. Exercises that bring a sense of personal growth and fulfillment when we take on new challenges such as rappelling off a waterfall, hiking a nature trail or going deep-sea fishing for the first time.

Six ecotourism vacation benefits for children:

Children can benefit from an ecotourism vacation because the experience offers an opportunity for:

  1. Instruction about indigenous wildlife –– offers small group tours that allow for up-close-and-personal views of nature, which are generally led by a naturalist. Theses trained leaders bring the education of plants, birds, insects and animals and their relationships to ecosystems alive.
  2. Increased awareness about environmental degradation – an important component of ecotourism is to inform tourists about ways to minimize waste, soil erosion, air and water pollution
  3. Involvement with conservation efforts – ecotourism allows for a deeper knowledge of the fragility of the natural world from helping to record sea turtle activity in Greece to understanding the destructive role of invasive plant species in the wilderness,
  4. Focus on the depletion of natural resources – ecotourism teaches how other countries are using low-carbon technologies today from  learning about how an eco-lodge harnessed solar or wind power for their operations to how countries are implementing renewable bio-energy to power engines,
  5. Exposure to cultural experiences – ecotourism interprets cultural traditions and experiences that provide long-lasting impressions about the world from tasting new foods to learning phrases in a foreign language
  6. Inspiration for a life’s passionecotourism sparks the imagination to dream about a career or even find a solution to an environmental problem while snorkeling through a coral reef or observing animals in their natural habitat in Africa


The following may help you start planning your Family Ecotourism vacation:


Greenloons makes it easy to connect people with meaningful and unique nature-based travel experiences all over the world. They only work with independently eco-certified tour operators and sustainable tourism accommodation providers. 


Responsible Vacations:

ResponsibleVacations has 100s of authentic family vacations. It’s family vacation plans have  children in mind which incudes leading responsible companies committed to supporting local people & the environment.


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