9 train trips to take once in a lifetime

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GLOBAL RAILWAY NETWORKTrains, trains, and more trains. In the recent blog post, we’ve looked at trains as an Eco-Friendly way to enjoy a vacation and help the planet. Now let’s take a look at some luxury trains that, if you can, you’ll might add one or more these train trips on your bucket list of life’s pleasures that are also green.

Nine trains worth the ride

Glacier Express

 GlacierExpress  the slowest ‘express’ on the planet; its 180 mile ride on this delightful route takes a good 8 hours. You’ll get a chance to glimpse the magical panorama on this line, which links the two mountain resorts of St. Moritz and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. You’ll see 291 bridges, 91 tunnels, and that reach an altitude of 6,670 feet.


Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

VeniceSimplonOrientExpress links some of the best cities of Europe including London, Venice, Rome, Budapest, or Prague. If you have the time and the money and want to see the location for scores of movies, novels and romantic Hollywood scenes, then the Orient Express is the train you’ll add to your list.

Pride of Africa

PrideOfAfrica is a train journey for nature lovers who want to explore the beauty, majesty and the hidden grandeur of Africa at a leisurely pace. Your journey will take you on a 14-day epic expedition through Cape Town, Dar Es Salaam, Kimberley, Pretoria, the Kruger National Park, Beit Bridge, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Lusaka and through Tanzania to Dar Es Salaam.


 Most of your journey on Eurostar is under the sea, but it offers you a great mix of comfort and class. It’s get you to your destination in a pretty short time. And it is a much better option compared to choosing the flight between London and Paris.

Flam Railway

 FlamRailway is a train ride through the world’s longest fjord Sognefjord, where on a 20-kilometer trip you’ll get to see an amazing descent from an altitude of almost 3,000 feet into the fjords of Flam.

Palace on Wheels

PalaceOnWheels gives you a journey like it’s name promises. The train that starts from Delhi in India and ends up in the royal state of Rajasthan is a luxury on tracks, much like the pampering enjoyed by royal kings from another era. The Palace on Wheels is the most comfortable way to explore India.

Eastern & Oriental Express

Eastern&OrientExpress is modern, stylish, and comfortable. You’ll enjoy a journey that stretches from the ultra-modern Singapore and Bangkok as you travel through lush green tropical forests.

Royal Scotsman

 RoyalScotsman is the most expensive train ride on the planet, since a 4-day trip on the Royal Scotsman costs more than an entire 19-day first-class trip on the Trans-Siberian. The observation car accommodates 36 passengers (yes, only 36 passengers allowed) in comfortable armchairs along with cabins specially designed for dining and other purposes.

Trans-Siberian Railway

TransSiberianRailway  gives you a 6000-mile ride across the vastness of Russia. It carries you over a distance of one-third the planet. The Trans-Siberian train ride is a journey that has already achieved a mythical status for the enormity. From Vladivostok across Siberia to Moscow and then to St. Petersburg, the 19-day ride offers more than you could ever find on any other train.

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  1. Simon Pielow on March 25, 2013 at 6:43 am

    Thank you, Judy, what a useful introduction to the world of luxury train travel!

    • Judy on March 26, 2013 at 9:41 am

      I’m happy that you found it useful. Hope you to get take some of these wonderful train trips.

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