Why take an eco-Friendly adventure vacation in Santa Barbara

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santa BarbaraSanta Barbara for the ecotourist

Santa Barbara loves the color green with the its twelve parks, hundreds of trees and immense range of open space. But there’s more—let’s take a look at the reasons why Santa Barbara is a celebrated Ecoptia. It’s a community that holds a long-term record in the preservation of their natural spaces for everyone to enjoy.



Santa Barbara County’s beautiful beaches provide the avid sea lover with miles and miles of ocean magic that includes some the best surf breaks and stand up paddle board zones along the West Coast.



Santa Barbara’s moderate ocean temperatures and mild tides make a day at the beach a welcoming respite from lives hectic pace. Relax and enjoy one of Santa Barbara’s 50 public parks and picnic areas.


Car Free

Don’t want to drive from beach to beach? Then you can take Santa Barbara’s

CarFree to help you relax and enjoy your visit while you keep the planet crisp and clean



Take a long, inspirational walk and wander along the serene trails of the SantaBarbaraBotanicGarden. Linger in the Garden with its beautiful flower filled meadows and redwood groves. There’s much to see in this Garden that occupies 65 scenic acres and is dotted with more than 1,000 species of native plants.


Physical challengeLosPadres

For a physical challenge visit LosPadresNationalForest with tracks for mountain bikers of all ability levels and a relatively flat fire roads for beginners and intermediate riders. Take a hike on its front- country trails with lots waterfalls, flowing creeks, hot springs, natural pools, and amazing views.



SantaBarbaraAdventure offers multi-day kayaking and camping trips for a family or groups. Its opportunity to experience whale watching, sea cave kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking on the Santa Cruz Island in the California Channel Islands National Park.


Take your dog to see the sunset

Bike, walk, and take your dog to Santa Barbarr’s DouglasFamilyPerserve with its 70-acre grassy oceanfront mesa- great views and wonderful sunsets.


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