What are the benefits of an Eco-Friendly family vacation?

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Do you want to stay home this summer to rest, to save money, to save the planet, or to keep sane and avoid the travel hassles?

Or do you have a travel itch? How about making your travel bug happy with a trip that takes the environment into consideration and helps you get recharged and refreshed.




Plan a trip to one of the 390 National Park Service areas.

There are lots of choices, since these areas cover over 84 million acres across the United States. Getting revived and invigorated comes easy, since you can go exploring in wide ranges of natural beauty locations and protected areas. Another plus, visiting protected areas are Eco-Friendly since the focus for these areas is on sustainability and conservation of the environment.

Why is July the best of month for National Park and Recreation trips

It’s National Parks and Recreation Month! Since 1985, July is the nation’ s official Parks and Recreation Month.


For local celebrations and events around the country, visit NPRA.


Good National Park visits for  July

Home Away’s article BestNational ParkstoVisitinJuly  suggests visiting Acadia National Park, Grand Teton, Mount Rainer, or Sequoia National Park in July

For the hikers, take a look 

20BestNationalHikesintheNationalParks . Veteran parks writer Robert Earle Howells’ National Geographic article covers day trips to challenging backpack adventures.

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