What to do before you take an Eco-Friendly vacation

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PLANNINGPlanning an Eco-Friendly vacation can be fun, but before you go here are some tips on what to consider. There’s more, we’re sharing a  helpful packing checklist and resource link.


Before you go – what to consider:

1.   Choose your travel provider on the basis of their eco principles and practices.


2.   Educate yourself about the destination you are visiting by reading guidebooks and travel articles.


3.   Be aware of local history, culture, and customs of the locals before arriving. Learn enough knowledge of the language to be polite i.e. hello, please and thank you. By making the effort to learn even the basics locals will appreciate it; and enrich your experience.


4.   When packing, if you want to bring gifts for local people in developing countries don’t give sweets; instead bring clothes and pens, and ask your tour operator or driver to give them to community elders so that you don’t encourage begging from children.


5.   Learn about the vital eco-systems before arriving.


6.   Consider your Carbon Footprint when using air travel. You could offset your carbon emissions by using a service from a company like the CarbonNeutral Company


Packing List



Passport or Visa

If you are visiting another country, check beforehand to make sure you have proper documentation and that it is current.


Copy of passport or visa

Copies are handy if the original is lost or stolen. Make a photocopy or two and be sure to keep the papers in a separate place.



Make sure the batteries for all electrical devices are fully charged. Take extra batteries.


Extra eyeglasses
Copies are handy if the original is lost or stolen.




ATM Card


Alarm clock


Measuring tape


Pocket Knife


Insect Repellant/Anti-Itch Gel


Hand sanitizer


Antibiotic cream








Dental Floss


Travel Guidebooks


More Books

Bring something you want to read. Consider bringing books you can leave behind at a library or book exchange.




 Learn a foreign language one word at a time! It’s actually quite easy.


Rain gear


Plastic bags
They can keep your shampoo and other liquids from leaking inside your luggage.


Depending on who you are visiting, great gifts are local music you enjoy, videotapes and books.



Adapted from: Ron Mader’s planetachecklist






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