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Archive for September 2013

10 Reasons why you should consider an Eco-Friendly Nature Trip

We need nature. Without contact with nature, we may loose the best of what life can give us. That’s sounds serious, but it’s true. Richard Louv says in best in his book, “The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age.” He says that whole family and whole communities can become happier, healthier, and…

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5 reasons why Norway is a unique Eco Destination

One – It’s shape Norway looks like a headless sea horse hanging over Denmark, with an elongated tail curving northward along the Swedish border — beyond the Arctic Circle — the tip of its tail brushing against Russian Lapland. This is the shape of Norway with porcupine ridges of mountain, broken in spots by unladylike…

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Looking for the best eco vacation? Sweden is the greatest choice.

Here are the reasons why Sweden is the best choice. Sweden’s Attraction for Visitors When visitors step on the Land of the Midnight Sun a wealth of wonders awaken their senses. They can’t help but jump in and enjoy the nature-loving, environmentally minded, tradition-celebrating, healthy-living, coffee-guzzling, summertime slacking Swedish lifestyle.   Sweden as a leader…

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