5 reasons why Norway is a unique Eco Destination

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One – It’s shape

Norway looks like a headless sea horse hanging over Denmark, with an elongated tail curving northward along the Swedish border — beyond the Arctic Circle — the tip of its tail brushing against Russian Lapland. This is the shape of Norway with porcupine ridges of mountain, broken in spots by unladylike fingers — fjords — that chisel into the rocky surfaces of the earth.

Two – Its vast and varied natural beauty

Norway is a land of waterfalls and rapids, majestic mountains and glaciers, green islands, crystal lakes, pine and spruce forests, steep-sloped farmsteads, secluded valleys, craggy cliffs, peaceful fjords, and fishing villages.

Three – Its ancient myths and legends

Norway is an ancient land of myth and legend, mountains, and nature. It also has a strong folklore tradition. As children, Norwegians grow up on stories of Huldres  and trolls. Trolls, like life, are good and evil. They come in all shapes and sizes. Woven into the folklore of the country, they stay in the hearts of many Norwegians for a lifetime.


Four – Its rare water wonders

Norway also has fjords and waterfalls unlike any found elsewhere in Europe.

Five – Its blend of ancient and modern

You might meet a Sami grandmother — attired in a brightly colored braided costume, bonnet, and deer-hide moccasins with turned-up toes — waiting to board an airplane at the TromsoAirport.  Then, you may stumble upon a sod-roofed house, where old Grandfather Per wearing high trouser and- sitting in a tub-chair in the corner enjoying his curds-and-whey. Look further and you may spy his grandson, clad in swimming trunks, sunning himself on a rock, and listening to American music

Unique Places to Visit

Sami Reindeer Migration

VisitNorway offers tours to join the native reindeer herders – the Sami – in their annual reindeer migration to the Arctic coast. Starting in the inland, the heart of the Sami culture, the tour heads north toward the Arctic Coast to the reindeer’s summer grazing and calving areas. Tour members take part in the daily work and learn how the Sami drive reindeer herds


VisitNorway and see why Gala may be a skier’s choice as a popular training location for a number of ski club. Choose recreational or workout skiing and enjoy the trails and gentle terrain. Take in the excellent views and breathtaking alpine landscapes of Jotunheimen and Rondane National Parks.


Finse1222 Hotel is the life and soul of this small resort in Finse, highest stop on the Norwegian rail network. This is an extreme location so come here to find your inner explorer and follow in Shackleton’s footsteps.


Lofoten Islands

VisitNorwayLofoten offers details on excellent fishing and nature attractions, quiet small villages and whale safaris.


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