Why not take a magical vacation to visit Ireland’s literary heroes?

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Why has Ireland, such a small island, produced so many great novelists, playwrights, and poets?

This Emerald Island with three bodies of water surrounding it seems to bubble over with gifted people who possess an innate sense of storytelling and drama.

If you were to check the list of Nobel Prize winners since its inception, youd find that Ireland ranks eighth in terms of how many it has produced over the years. Just what is it that makes the Irish so good at writing and the creative process? Do you want to discover Ireland creativity wonders for yourself?

If you want a majestic Irish Literary adventure, you might want to hop on one of the following tours.

LiteraryToursofIreland My beautiful picture

A successful family run company. From their Dublin headquarters they plan tour packages that take tourist to visit the homeland sites that inspired: John Synge, James Joyce, Sean O’ Casey, William Butler Yeats, and Oliver Goldsmith to name just a few of the literary luminaries.


SpecialGroupTours  belfast

A travel experience that offers unique tours that explores both Southern and Northern Ireland through the world of its greatest novelists, poets and playwrights including Joyce, Christie Brown, C S Lewis, Yeats, Beckett, Shaw, Swift, Wilde and Synge



It’s a must if you want a true Irish literary experience. It takes thirsty tourists to the haunts of the likes of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce . It’s guided by two actors who stop along the way to re-enact excerpts written by Ireland’s literary greats. Before entering each of the four historic pubs, there is a 20-minute skit that takes place around the city at landmarks such as Trinity College and St. Andrew’s Church.


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