Why you need a nature vacation this year

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We need nature. Without contact with nature, we may lose the best of what life can give us. That’s sounds serious, but it’s true. Richard Louv says in best in his book, “The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age.” He says that whole family and whole communities can become happier, healthier, and smarter through more contact with nature. With all our technology and man made comforts, many of us find it difficult to get out and enjoy a simple walk in the woods or a stroll on a warm sandy beach. How many of us have an opportunity to venture into unspoiled nature preserves where our senses get awakened to natures’ wonders. Richard Louv’s research found how much we need contact with nature.

Here are Richard Louv’s  reasons why adults and children need contact with nature.

The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need.


        Humans are hard-wired to love and need exposure to the natural world.

        We suffer when we withdraw from nature.

        Nature brings our senses alive.


        Nature heals.


Get back to Nature, find adventure, and recharge:

Do you envision an adventure where you tramp through the green ferns in a jungle or a chance to swim with a dolphin? Maybe you want to study wildflowers in a desert. If you are looking for a nature escape from your hectic life, there are many options for you. There are naturalist-led trips to nearby national parks, African safaris, whale-watching cruises, rainforest seminars, and study tours of unique ecosystems. Or maybe you just want a comfy nature escape.

Suggestions for your Nature Escape: One of these may fit you for a nature escape. 


Includes action-packed educational eco-adventures in Seward, Alaska, Baja, Mexico for teens, teacher-led student groups, college students, and adults. They provide affordable high quality marine biology and environmental education. Programs are available for adults, families, and women’s groups.


Offers upscale wildlife viewing and cultural tours to over 25 countries. Their tours offer a variety of soft adventure excursions and a choice of lecture topics with first class deluxe accommodations. The low intensity adventures attract active travelers over 40 (as well as some for children)


They are specialists in outdoor adventure travel to Sweden What does Nature Travels offer: 1) summer packages that include canoeing, timber rafting, horse riding and kayaking; and 2) winter packages that include cross-country skiing and dog sledding. Additionally, the company donates two per cent of its profits to conservation efforts in Sweden and includes a donation of £4.15 per person to Climate Care in the price of every package to offset the impact of travel. Nature Travels only uses local, small-scale service providers for its operations in Sweden, all of which meet strict sustainability criteria.


Mountain Travel began with a belief that there is a little bit of adventure in everyone. This idea attracted outdoor enthusiasts who loved exploring wild places. Now 40 years later, Mountain Travel offers almost 200 adventures to destinations worldwide.

Here is some inspiration for your Nature Vacation.

Enjoy and relax with TzviEvez’s  Tranquility – Time Solitaire Music United with Nature”











































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