Eco-Friendly vacations for the adventure seeker

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If you’re an active, thrill seeker, you will probably get restless looking at the world through a window of a fast moving vehicle or high flying airplane. You want to get out there and climb a mountain, ski a mountain, hike a mountain or dive in the ocean.

Or maybe, you want to escape the efficiency of technology and progress to stop and enjoy the quiet beauty of a mountain sunset or the excitement of seeing majestic wild animals. You are people who want to experience and live the excitement of your vacation by living it and breathing it.

We’re also a nation of thrill seekers. With amusement park roller coasters and skydivers on weekends. Catching large breakers on surfboards and skiing down a steep slope, playing rough contact sports and even bungee jumping off tall bridges.

For many of you, if we could, you’d love to raft down a raging river, trek up a rugged mountain path or gallop a horse across wild open plain. You love the buzz and surge of adrenaline. People may call you a daredevil and foolhardy for stretching your limits. What’s important to you is the excitement and adventure of a good Eco-Friendly vacation.

Many of you are more concerned, even obsessed with keeping your bodies healthy. That’s why you walk, run, hike, and bike to get our pulse rate up to aerobic levels. That’s why the last thing you want to do on our vacation is slack off, sit back, and do nothing.

Want to know more about Adventure trips?

Types of tours:

The types and skill levels for adventure tours are as varied as the people who want to embark on an adventure trip. There are opportunities to experience remote and exotic parts of the world, reached or traversed at a slower pace by foot, animal or river power, combined with the thrill and excitement thar comes from testing ourselves physically.

What do they Cost?

Prices range from relatively inexpensive weekenders in national parks to pricey but unforgettable month long treks through some of the most remote mountains and forest in the world.

What do they share?

What they have in common is the fact that they involve active, physical participation on your part. Instead of sitting on a bus, you’ll be walking, trekking, backpacking, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, horseback riding, or whitewater rafting.

Points to consider:

How physically fit are you? Most adventure travels involves modest to extreme degrees of physical exercise.

Adventure travels may take you many miles or days away from the nearest doctor or hospital.

It carries a higher degree of risk than almost any other vacation experience. It is suggested to obtain emergency medical insurance before your go.

Where to find more information on Adventure trips


Provides adventure travel information for tours to: Asia, Africa, Australia/South Pacific, Europe, North America, and a South America.

Where to find trip


World Expeditions specializes in trekking, travel, and active adventure holidays in small groups across 7 continents. From the awe-inspiring Everest Base Camp Trek to the magnificent classic Inca Trail & Machu Picchu, from the beauty of the iconic Larapinta Trail Trek to the enchanting icebergs of an Antarctic cruise, from an exhilarating trek of Mt Kilimanjaro, a historic trek of the Kokoda Track, or the Great Himalaya Trail across Nepal, World Expeditions continues to offer innovative trekking, cycling and cultural adventure travel holidays to the world’s far-flung destinations.


Every Intrepid small group adventure has been carefully designed to make sure you have an unforgettable, grassroots travel experience. Over the years, we’ve developed several trip styles and trip themes to cater for a diverse range of travellers. Take a look below to find out what your ideal intrepid adventure might look like.


Discover France has created more than 60 different self-guided tour itineraries, lasting as few as four days to as many as 14 days. The physical demands of the tours range from easy to challenging, while all offer unique opportunities to discover the marvelous French culture, gastronomy, wine, and lifestyle. Our bicycle tours and walking vacations feature a great deal of independence yet provide support when you need it.

Are ready for your adventure?

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We’d love your comments. Thanks.

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