Are you a wonder woman? You need an adventure vacation just for you.

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A few years ago, the phrase “girlfriend getaway” meant a group of women pampering themselves with spa treatments, wine tasting, or shopping the day away.Today, it’s more likely a “women’s adventure getaway” with women seeking experiences where: 1) they train and transform their bodies for an adventure trip; 2) they expose themselves to new people and places to stimulate their mind; and 3.) they take a moment away from everyday hassles and distractions to reconnect, recharge, and renew themselves.

A “Women’s Adventure Getaway” vacation opens a world of benefits.

What are these benefits?

Physically strenuous vacations have obvious health benefits that help build self-esteem through accomplishing difficult tasks. The “peak experience” by reaching the summit of a mountain can be achieved by accomplishing any physical goal.

Physical challenges require intense concentration and focus, which is a great mental workout.

Psychological benefits. A sense of danger and stepping into the unknown can be a mentally stimulating experience.

Emotional and spiritual discovery are important elements of adventure travel. It may happen at the top of Mount Everest or through a calming bird-watching tour.

Find your “Women’s Adventure” vacation with one of these suggestions.

Adventure Women

adventurewomen has been a pioneer, custom-designing and leading some of the most unique adventure travel tours for active women over 30, since 1982. Their adventure vacations delight and inspire women traveling solo, or with their sisters, mothers, daughters, partners and friends.



Adventure in Good Company

adventureingoodcompanyoffers adventure travel for women who want an active outdoor vacation. Their well-organized trips have the flexibility that allows you to have the experience you want. Their guides assist you in meeting your personal goals for your trip.


Call of the Wild

callofthewild women only vacations range from hiking vacations with soft beds, hot showers, and great food to challenging or beginner backpacking in the wilderness. They offer active vacations for women of all ages.




Have a wonderful Adventure

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