Five Reasons why you should take an adventure vacation

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1) Build your confidence

Trying new activities and learning that you can do things you thought to be beyond you is empowering. Just decide to get out of your comfort zone and go for it. Here’s some new adventures to try: paragliding, scuba diving or trekking through a lush green jungle with exotic creatures all around you. Just challenge yourself and carry out something new you’ll get an indescribable sense of accomplishment.





2) Meet interesting people
You will meet spirited people who don’t just sit around and dream about all the exciting adventures to be had in the world, they get up and go.







3) Create friendships that will last a lifetime
Maybe you’re going with some family members, friends or perhaps you’re going solo. Whatever the case, you will likely be sharing an experience of a lifetime with others. It’s the kind of experiences that create life-long bonds.




4) Gain a sense of freedom and control
Sometimes you need to break away and bring a little balance in your life. Maybe you’ve had a stressful year at the office, your life in general is sapping your energy or both. When you plan your trip, you’re in control. You call the shots, and you can do anything you would like. Sometime you need a little “you” time where you can just get in touch with yourself again. That’s what a new adventure will give you.



5) Satisfy your sense of adventure
Have you ever watched a movie where people were doing exciting things in an alluring location and thought to yourself that’s what I need to do.

Where to look for your adventure trip?

Here’s a start.

ActiveAdventures  is a recipient of numerous best trip awards. To give you an idea of one of their adventure trips, please take a look at one of their New Zealand adventures.[youtube][/youtube]



gadventures active adventures offer trips that engage muscles, mind, and heart, including: biking, hiking, whitewater rafting, dog-sledding and many other activities.


lonelyplanet surveyed the globe and found its selection for 2014 adventure trips.

Have a wonderful adventure.

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