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Archive for June 2014

7 plans to help you take unique trips around the world

Are you’re ready to plan a trip, maybe even one around the world? If you’ve looked at all the places around the world that you’d like to visit, but you’re over whelmed with the issues that there are too many places to visit, too many ways to travel, and too much to do to put…

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5 eco-adventure family vacations to spend with animals

Why are animals important to humans? If you want to help your family answer this question, you might want to consider a family vacation volunteer vacation where your spend time with and help animals of all kinds from dolphins to dogs. On one level, animals are important to keep the whole ecosystem balanced. Plants, animals,…

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Want a nontraditional vacation?

Want to escape the traditional tourism trail? Then, take an Eco tourism holiday. Experience a different part of the world and embrace a local community, culture, and unspoiled nature. What else, Eco-tourism tends to be on a smaller scale and incorporates locally owned activities. These activities help encourage local interaction and often involve nature, wildlife…

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