7 plans to help you take unique trips around the world

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Are you’re ready to plan a trip, maybe even one around the world? If you’ve looked at all the places around the world that you’d like to visit, but you’re over whelmed with the issues that there are too many places to visit, too many ways to travel, and too much to do to put a trip together, we’ve found just the right source for help.

It’s great blog article by Vickie Lillo, Itineraries for Every Traveler, published in the  Bootsnall  travel blog. Ms. Lillo’s blog post helps you plan for a big trip and resolve the struggles you have with connecting the dots and deciding on an itinerary. She provides creative plans for your trip with seven trips centered around  themes.

Here are the seven theme tripsseven

Exotic Landscapes and Famous Attractions

Trip Itinerary: Norway > England > Netherlands > France > Spain > Italy > Transylvania > Turkey > Egypt > Jordan >India > Mt. Everest > China > Vietnam > Easter Island > Chile> Buenos Aires > Iguazu > Bolivia > Machu Picchu > Galapagos

Oceans, Rivers & Glaciers

Trip Itinerary: Canada > Bahamas > Jamaica > Nicaragua > Panama > Chile > India > Egypt > France > Switzerland > Amsterdam

Adrenaline Pumping

Trip Itinerary: Nicaragua > Bolivia > Chile > Switzerland > Crete > Dalmatian Coast > Pakistan-China Border > New Zealand

Hiking, Trekking, and Camping

Trip Itinerary: Washington > Montana > Utah > Key West > Appalachian Trail > Scotland > Mont Blanc > Kenya > Goa > Uluru > Washington

Animal Transport

Trip Itinerary: Alaska > Grand Canyon > North Carolina > Jamaica > Egypt > Mongolia > Thailand

Fabulous Markets

Trip Itinerary: Morocco > Italy > Egypt > Turkey > India > Thailand > Singapore > China > South Korea > Japan > Seattle > Mexico > Guatemala

Street Food

Trip Itinerary: Philadelphia > Colombia > Chile > Singapore > Vietnam > Thailand > Israel > Turkey > Greece > Italy > Bosnia > Poland > France > Philadelphia

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For Ms.Lillo’s complete details on these theme trips, please visit: Itineraries

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