Six steps to do before taking a Glamping tent vacation

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Filling a gap between roughing it in a tent or bringing your own RV, yurts are the popular Glamping alternative in campgrounds worldwide. Vacationing in a yurt provides the perfect amount of rustic experience, particularly for those new to the outdoors, without the hassle of setting up your own bedroom for the night. Since a yurt vacation is a unique experience, you’ll need to plan ahead before you embark on this adventure. So take a look at the six things you should do before you take your yurt vacation.

Six steps before taking a  yurt vacation

Step 1

Make reservations early.


Why: Yurts usually make up a small proportion of available sites at a campground and sell out quickly, particularly during summer months.

What to do: Check on-line for availability at least three months in advance.

Step 2

Research which accommodations the yurt offers.


Why: Yurts can range from rustic camp experiences with no cooking facilities or water to luxurious Glamping style with beds, comfortable rugs that are luxurious well thought accommodations with many amenities.

What to do: Use the accommodation specifics to build your packing list.

Step 3

Bring food and cooking utensils.


Why: While some yurts come with a hot plate or small stove, you’ll be responsible for preparing your own meals. Plan a menu for the days you’ll be camping and make sure to bring a cooler for perishable goods.

What to do: If your yurt does not come with a stove, bring a camp stove or check to see if a fire pit is available.


.Step 4

Pack sleeping bags or linens.


Why: To cover the provided mattress and use your own sleeping bag and pillow.

What else to do If you are staying for a few days and want to add to your comfort level, you may want to bring a full complement of sheets and blankets.

Step 5

Check out the amenities at the park or resort


Why: Since parks offer boating, fishing, surfing, hiking, or biking trails nearby or within the boundaries of the park, you can plan you and choose your activities.

What else: Many yurts can be locked, which provides a higher level of security and will help you determine your personal and activity gear to bring on your vacation.

Step 6

Expand your vacation window.










Why: The comfort of yurts, particularly those that are heated, means you can take a camping holiday any time of the year. Since the weather may not be as appealing in the winter, the campgrounds and surrounding towns will be quieter and may offer a different type of vacation experience.



Just imagine how you’ll feel on a yurt vacation

Of course you won’t be on a high mountain castle, but you get the same pleasure of staying in a luxury Glamping accommodation in the center of the great outdoors.






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