What did your parents and grandparents love about real nature on the farm?

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I know that a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania is about the most random place for a country singer to come from, but I had an awesome childhood. “Taylor Swift

Benefits of spending time on a farm

It’s the 21stcentury and many of us never or rarely experience farm life?

You may not realize it, but spending some time on farm can add new dimension to your life.

One of these dimensions is increased creativity?

If you think some of the wonderful women writers who grew up on farms or moved  to farms, you have to agree that farm life might just be the inspiration for creativity.

Here are some examples:

Laura Ingalls Wilder author of the Little House on the Prairie Books

If you’re a fan of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House books, then Rocky Ridge Farm in Mansfield, Missouri holds such profound significance on Laura’s life. Her writings from the perspective of a pioneer life have created a following around the globe.


Astrid Lindgren author of Pippi Longstocking

Her books have sold around 145 million copies worldwide and have been translated into over 90 languages.

Astrid Lindgren grew up on Näs farm near Vimmerby, in the county of Småland in southern Sweden. Astrid Lindgren and her siblings helped the maids and farmhands with the everyday work on the farm. It was in the kitchen of one of the farmhands that Astrid Lindgren heard fairy tales and stories, which ignited her love of books.

Beatrix Potter author of Peter Rabbit

During her lifetime Beatrix bought fifteen farms, and took a very active part in caring for them. Dressed in clogs, shawl and an old tweed skirt, she helped with the haymaking, waded through mud to unblock drains, and searched the fells for lost sheep. She said she was at her happiest when she was with her farm animals. Hill Top Farm in the Lake District is the most famous one to visit

For these great authors, farm life gave them a gift that helped grow and share their talents with the world. Of course, the list of farm life and creative people could span for miles.

How you can visit a farm today and even stay a few days?

So why vacation on a farm? Scottie Jones, from USFarmStayAssociation says, “If you want to find some connection to your ancestors, to the land, smell green grass, play in a creek, build a hay fort in the hayloft, see a lamb being born, eat farm-fresh eggs, hear the wind in the trees, see the stars like never before, feel a different rhythm for life and work, be someplace picturesque, try something totally different—these would be reasons people should want to vacation on a farm.

Farm Stay Types:

There are a huge variety of vacation types: dairy farms, commodity crops (everything from soy to Christmas trees), farmer’s market crop operations, and livestock spots. Plus, many farms offer classes in things like cheese making, weaving, canning, cooking, and bread making. Prices range from $25 a night to $400 a night, but when you consider that this cost includes lodging, meals, and experience, most trips (averaging $125 to $150 a night) are affordable.

More about Farm vacations

Farm vacations are well known around the world but not so for many Americans. In the United States, the family farm has become a challenged institution since World War II. Yet, recently there has been a growing desire of many urbanites to reconnect with our rural countryside. And even for a few days, wake to the sounds of farm life, feed a bottle to a lamb, or brush a horse …even see the stars without city lights dimming their glow? Many want to to find their small family farms and ranches.

More Information

Find out more information about farm stays, locations for farm stays around in all regions of the United States, and varieties of farms, such as:

Hull-O Farms, Durham, New York

Rustridge Winery, B & B, St. Helena, Napa Valley, California

Pole Creek Ranch, B & B, Pinedale, Wyoming

For more information visit: Farmstayus

Now it’s time for a ride in the country.


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