Eight great vacation ideas to visit America’s awe-inspiring trees

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Spend a day or afternoon with trees and you reawaken all your  senses, dreams, and feelings the ones that you lost in the hectic rush of everyday life. Find out why poets, artists, songwriters, novelists, and filmmakers continue to find inspiration from a walk in the woods.

Get ready to travel to America’s most breathtaking trees. From Charleston’s Angel Oak to California’s enchanted candelabra redwoods, here are 8 beautiful, amazing trees that will expand your view of the world. And you will agree with John Muir’s quote that, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”





Now here are the trees for some interesting trips

Hyperion Tree located near the California Redwood National Forest

It is one of the world’s tallest trees. It’s so incredible that its exact location is hidden. But, for those adventurous types out there…it’s located somewhere in California’s Redwood National Park.

For more details, please check out: momumentaltrees.

Angel Oak Tree located in Charleston, South Carolina

This tree is believed to be over 1,500 years old. It’s a symbol of Charleston’s strong and enduring spirit. Its longest branch measures 187 feet from tip to tip.

For more details, please visit: angeloaktree .

No name tree (commonly known as “No root tree”) located in the Olympic Peninsula,Washington

Along the Olympic Peninsula, on a secluded beach in Kalaloch, WA is this weird tree that just won’t quit, even after erosion took away the sand dune it was perched on, it’s still hanging on for dear life.

The tree is located near Kalaloch campgrounds. For campgrounds details, please visit: reserveamerica.

Candelabra Trees located in California’s Lost Coast

This is a redwood grove that takes you to a magical land. That may explain why the locals call this the “Enchanted Forest,” these gnarly candelabra trees have so much to teach scientists.

For details on California’s Lost Coast, check out: roadtrippers

Bicycle Swallowed by a Tree located on 2013 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon Island, Washington

We always knew that trees could do wonderful and magic things; even eat a bike. Here’s the story. In 1954 a recently widowed woman gave her son a bicycle. However, it was a girl’s bike and the boy was too embarrassed to ride it. So he brought the bike into the woods and left it against a tree. He told his mother he lost it, and all was forgotten. Over the years the tree has grown around the bike, which is now 5ft off the ground.

Kevin Dolak’s ABCNews article, Bicylceswalledbyreeinwashingtonstate tells more of the story.

Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree located near Leggett, California

Well, the tree that swallowed the bike is a record breaker; but the tree that you can drive through might top it. California’s Drive-Through Chandelier tree is a coastal redwood that’s over 300 feet high, and 6 feet wide. It’s showcased in the opening titles of National Lampoon’s Vacation.

For more details, please visit: drivethrutree.

Japanese fire-tree located in  Kubota Garden,  Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s epic Japanese fire-tree might be the coolest tree in the group. It’s not really on fire. It’s actually a Japanese maple, but it’s one of Washington’s most photographed trees. And it’s located in a stunning twenty acres of hills and valleys, the Kubota Garden features streams, waterfalls, ponds, rock outcroppings, and an exceptionally rich and mature collection of plant material.

For more information, please visit: seattleparks.

Why not take some time in the Redwood forest?


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