10 Reasons why you need a vacation “Under the Thatch” in Wales

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Thatched cottages shower romance on world-weary travelers. Staying at one of these cottages brings delight and charm to a people’s usually stressed lives. Just to go back to a simpler time, even for a weekend can awaken a person like seeing a bright morning sun bouncing over the horizon. Take just a couple nights in a thatched roof cottage and relish a burst of new energy and inspiration that will last way past the time spent in the fairy cottage.

Where will you find these magical cottages?

At underthethatchUK

And here are the ten special reasons to encourage you to stay.

  1. A selection of self-catering properties to take your breath away.
  1. Prices are what are considered fair and reasonable.
  1. Some of the most sustainably managed holiday accommodation in Europe.
  1. Specializing in the quirky and the unusual.
  1. Price for many of their accommodation calculated according to the number of people staying.
  1. Exceptionally high occupancy rates because of the flexible pricing, due to the efforts of the managers to keep properties full with community benefit all year round.
  1. Employment of local people to conserve and maintain the properties.
  1. Traditional crafts and materials provide building conservation.
  1. The use of environmentally friendly materials in the building work.
  1. The property’s goal to run the business in a way that minimizes its environmental impact.

For an idea of  a cottage stay, here’s of one of the cottages located around southwest WalesTrehilyn Uchaf, near Stumble Head Peninsula in Pembrokeshire.

Staying in Pembrokshire Under the Thatch” by Greentraveller will give you a glimpse of experiences at Under the Thatch.


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