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Are you thinking of taking an ecotourism vacation? Eco tourism is green travel. Green travelers consider themselves responsible travelers who look for business, tour operators, and transportation methods that preserve the local environment and contribute to the local community. Here’s a helpful checklist to use as you plan your Eco tourism trip.


1. Types of Transportation:


 Walk and cycle during your trip; take     public transportation; rent hybrid vehicles, 0r travel by train whenever possible.
2. Offsets an environmental policy: Calculate and offset the carbon dioxide caused by your travel.   Buy your trip from companies with policies that consider environmental economic, and sociocultural impacts.
3. Spent locally: Buy from locally owned business.    Use tours and lodges that employ local people
4. Environmental conservation: Choose trips that increase conservation efforts.
5. Respect the local culture: Accept the difference of other cultures.      Learn their customs and social norms before you visit. Speak their language whenever possible
6. Natural Resource Use:  Reduce, reuse, and recycle- Things to consider about your potential tour operators and lodging establishments for: it’s efficient use of water, energy, and building materials and it’s method of waste disposal                          


Want to know more?information

Check out these helpful sources.

sustaintripdirectory of Rainforest Alliance approve sustainable destinations.

independenttravelergreensources provides an extensive resource of green travel and lodging resources.

greenloons.com101carbonoffset provides an explanation of carbon offsets.








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