Find out why smart tourists take walking vacations.

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What is so good about a walking vacation?

Are your reasonably fit? Do you enjoy quality time in the open air?

Then you’re ready for a grand adventure – a walking vacation around cities all over the world. You can travel light. Just make sure you have good, comfortable walking shoes.

For walking shoe suggestions you may visit: BestWalking

As soon as you arrive at your destination, anywhere in the world, put on those walking shoes and explore the locale. A wealth of sensory experiences surrounds you as you walk and discover a new place.

You’ll find the special unique sights, sounds, and odors of the local landscape and culture. Be daring to turn on an interesting corner, you’ll find places and people that are unique to a particular locale. Take a leisure pace, stop, and examine architecture or special open spaces close up. If you like to become part of place and meet it’s people, then walk around it and stay wherever you like.

By the way, there are other benefits for walking: it’s a great way to lower your environmental impact and minimize your carbon footprint and walking is the best antidote to prevent those extra pound that you gain on vacation.

So are ready to plan a vacation where you really see the sites and stay in shape?

The followings suggestions are for you if you’re the independent type with a desire to plan your day and explore your own path.



How do you do this?

With self guided maps. Forget the tour guide and grab one these tour maps and head out to see the city your way.

City Walking Tours, Guides, and Tips

CityWalkingGuides provides walking tours of United States cities for a reasonable price for either mobile or print formats.

Big Boy Travel Free Walking Tours Maps – Self Guided

FreeWalkingTours is a source for free printable maps in some of the greatest cities in the World in Europe, Asia, and The USA.

City Walks App

CityWalksApp is a handy app that offers city maps and self-guided walking tours for over 470 cities worldwide.





Happy Walking

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