Change your life: Take a volunteer vacation in Iceland at Christmas

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Last week’s blog   Volunteervacations  started an exploration  of the enriching benefits of a volunteer vacation.This week we’ll check out a suggestion for a special volunteer vacation in Iceland. Combine the experience of nature, live inside another culture, and help maintain the culture with your voluntary projects.




You just might find that VeraldarvinirWorldwide Friends (WF) is the right volunteer vacation for you.  Since Veraldarvinir means Icelandic, this organization gives you a real Icelandic experience in one of its work camps. The work camp is a place where people of all races, ideologies, and nationalities live and work together for about two weeks on a project organized by a local sponsor.

WF began in 2001 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization promoting peace, friendship, and international understanding. Its mission is: to promote inter-cultural learning, exchange and awareness: to preserve Icelandic nature and raising awareness about environmental issues; and to promote voluntary work and a culture of volunteering.

For all the details, you enjoy you’ll visiting: WorldFriends

Address: WF Iceland / Veraldarvinir, Hverfisgata 88, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Plan to celebrate  Christmas in Iceland with goodwill volunteer projects at the WF Christmas Camp

Christmas in Iceland lights up the skies

Iceland is the ideal place to celebrate the holidays. Icelandic culture is rich in Christmas traditions. And a festival of lights in the darkness adds to the intensity of the celebrations.

Icelandic Christmas celebration combines religious practice and traditional folklore. Revelry comes with a whole lot of food to be eaten, people to meet, and fireworks to be launched. Since the Christmas season coincides with the darkest period of the year,

Icelanders add extra emphasis on bringing light into their Yuletide festivities. Icelanders also decorate their houses with bright Christmas lights both inside and outside.

WF Christmas Camp

Work:  You will live together and create a cosy atmosphere in Eskifjörður.

  • One of the tasks is to decorate the area where our house is located by putting up lights and Christmas decorations.
  • You will learn Christmas songs from all over the world from each other and perform in the home of elderly people and in public places in town as a sign of peace and multiculturalism.
  • For New Year’s Eve you will organize a little party for the volunteers and you will enjoy Iceland’s spectacular fireworks.
  • You will also organize a open house and invite the locals for a visit.

For full details, visit: WFChristmascamp

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