Ecotourism travel at its best: Enjoy Christmas in London.

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Celebrating Christmas in London, England started over one thousand years ago. Christmas celebration began when Christianity arrived on its shores. And as one of the two most holy festivals in the calendar – the other was Easter – Christmas in England was celebrated with solemnity and fasting and prayer, culminating finally in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Later, in the Middle Ages, Christmas celebrations became bigger. Many kings of England held spectacular Christmas Courts, when they wore their crowns to impress their subjects and accepted oaths of fealty.

Why London for Ecotourism:

London ranks seven out of the top 10 eco-Friendly World cities. Here are the top reasons why this grand city ranks so high.

London’s remarkable tube makes it possible to bring down carbon emissions.

Its phenomenal public transport systems.

To top it all, they have quite a number of green hotel and restaurants.

Why London for Christmas. It is everywhere:

Ever since Charles Dickens penned A Christmas Carol our idea of Christmas has been characterized by glittering trees, fragrant roast Turkey and rousing carols.


Another icon of the festive season is the Christmas market, which has been revived in England in recent years and gained huge popularity. England’s BestChristmasMarkets are held everywhere from town squares to stately homes and offering everything from specialist gifts and traditional toys to festive foodstuff and warming brews.




Local travel Suggestions:

Christmas Eve:

Start Christmas Eve and see twinkling London on Christmas Eve with a guided tour through the bright lights of the city! This panoramic tour includes Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, London Eye, Buckingham Palace and many more.

Christmas Day:

Christmas Day hop on a tour to the many splendid wonders near and outside London. Choose from these two tours for the perfect English Christmas Day.



Where might you go on you day trip?




Windsor Castle

Where to Stay:

Choose from one of the top Five London Eco-Friendly Hotels:

If you’re looking for an eco hotel when you travel to London, you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty to choose from, starting with high-end boutiques that save energy, reduce waste and serve sustainable cuisine, to more modest hostels that also use energy and resources wisely.  Londonstopgreenhotels   is a quick guide to some of London’s top green hotels, plus some low-energy hostels that might interest you.

If you go to London for Christmas, please send a comment.



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