Nature's incredible wonders with its magic of trees.

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I’m Danika, a friend of Tressi’s. She and I share a love of nature and trees. You can first meet Tressi and her friend Ralph in   samantha-the-legend-of-the-whispering-trees. In this book, she shares her knowledge of trees. Tressi’s love of nature helped her to share exciting tips for kids to get outdoors and love nature. You can find her ideas in tressis-ten-tips-for-kids-how-to-play-and-love-trees-and-nature

Now, she’s asked me to start answering questions about trees. Welcome to the first: Danika Talks Trees. I bet that you’ll find many news things about trees.


First Question:

How long have trees been growing on earth?







The first definite evidence of trees on earth goes back 300 million years, to the geological time period called: Devonian.

Danika’s source: 1001 Questions Answered Abut Trees by Rutherford Platt

What is the Devonian Period?

The Devonian period saw the continued approach of the continents. Plant life spread on FISHland, and carbon dioxide levels in the air probably dropped because of the increasing photosynthesis. The Devonian is sometimes called the Age of Fishes, because many new kinds, including sharks.

Danika’s source for details: kids.britannica


Thanks for stopping by; Danika will return with more stories about the wonders of nature and magic of trees.

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Hey, kids. Please let know Danika what you think about trees.

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