Why you should visit Finland for an outdoor adventure.

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Why should you get outdoors?

Numerous scientific studies found that nature improves our health and well-being in at least three ways:



  • Physical activity increases when we get outdoors. Nature makes us move.
  • Nature revives and helps us recover from stress. We find our concentration improves, and we can also reduce our pulse rate and blood pressure.
  • Outdoor activities promote our social well-being and sense of community. We look at others in a more positive way, and our mood is quickly improved.

Why visit Finland?

Finland offers a broad range of outdoor activities, whether you like to walk in the wilderness along well-used tracks or a short nature trip with your family, or just wander around picking berries in the forest. The country’s unique national parks are the gateways to Finnish natural wonders.

Finland is a clean and quiet country where the feeling of space, the calm of the wilderness and the bustle of the lake districts is present throughout the year.

What are some things to see and do in Finland?

Would you like more details on a vacation in Finland?

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