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From the beginning of time to the 21st-century people described certain areas as being holy or magical, as having a concentrated power or presence of spirit.

Ancient legends, historical records, and contemporary reports tell of extraordinary, even miraculous happenings at these places where the sick become well; deities appear; artists receive inspiration, prophets see visions and sages attain spiritual enlightenment.



In addition to all the magical wonders offered by these sites, here are six real benefits to help you add zest to your life.

Benefit #1: Relaxation and Sightseeing

The sacredness of an area contributes to a relaxing atmosphere, but people must remember to show the proper respect.

Crater Lake in Oregon. This deep lake’s location is in the center of a collapsed inactive volcano.

Benefit #2: Vortex of Energy – Geological Sites

Sedona, Arizona, has long drawn people interested in healing, spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics, who come for more than just the dramatic, red-rock beauty.

Benefit #3: Cross of Energies Ancient Monuments

Many people say that ancient ruins have a soft place in the hearts of geomancers and shamans when asked if they consider these as among their favored sacred locations in the world.

Bighorn Medicine Wheel is a famed monument in Wyoming. It got its name because of the healing energies believed to be emanating from it

Benefit #4: Undisturbed Natural Life –Sacred Waterfalls

Spending time in the dark recesses of nature, you will feel a connection with the high levels of energy. People believe that these holy places in the world have a strong presence of unfathomable spirits that most spirit-questors have encountered at several times.

Sacred Falls, originally known as Kaliuwa’a, is the sight of the leaking canoe.

The name derives from Hawaiian folklore of a demigod, Kamapua’a, who could transform into a pig, giant pig, or a herd of pigs, plus be a man.

Benefit #5: Spiritual and Divine Energies – Man-made Sacred Temples

What is Holy and sacred in these places is the presence of divine energy that moves religious fanatics or pilgrims to take in the stillness of the area.

Machu Picchu is virtually synonymous with Peru,

Sometimes you hike to get back to nature, other times you walk to discover another culture or a religious site.

Benefit #6: The Energy Signature – Where Great Masters Roam

Aside from the places of worship and the traditional summoning of spirits both elemental and human, there are a handful of tourists who prefer visiting sacred hills where great masters of various faiths once lived.

Arunachala in India is the temple of Lord Shiva. Every year during the months of October and November, the Karthigai Deepam, the Indian term for light, is lit on the top of the hill.

See all these sacred sites in this video.


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