Three reasons to take a Mississippi River Cruise

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You cannot surprise an individual more than twice with the same marvel
Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

But the Mississippi River offers three experiences and surprises that you will not find anywhere else.





Feel like an explorer.

When you travel along the Mississippi River you can dive deep into the feelings of the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto who is credited with the European discovery of the Mississippi River in 1541.


Feel American history come alive.

Louisiana Purchase – History on the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is where so much of America’s history was written.European immigrants settled the Mississippi River Valley and their influence is active today in everything from cultural traditions to cuisine.




Feel artist and literary inspiration.

Use your imagination and go back in time and awaken Mark Twain’s views along the river.  Join his reveling in the history of the river valley  and envision Mark Twain’s sights of early America and its pioneers.”

How to take a Mississippi river cruise?

americancruiselines offers a spectacular 22 days/21 nights cruise that will bring these three experiences alive.

Before you go, you may enjoy reading.

Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain

A stirring account of America’s vanished past…
The book that earned Mark Twain his first recognition as a serious writer…
Discover the magic of life on the Mississippi.
At once a romantic history of a mighty river, an autobiographical account of Mark Twain’s early steamboat days, and a storehouse of humorous anecdotes and sketches, Life on the Mississippi is the raw material from which Twain wrote his finest novel-The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

Check out some stops on the cruise’s journey along the Mississippi River.



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