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Archive for July 2017

Best 3 road trips on the historic Route 40 to take this summer

ARE WE THERE YET?  The Golden Age of American Family Vacations By Susan Sessions Rugh Sue Kovach’s washingtonpost review of Susan Sessions Rugh book, “ARE WE THERE YET! The Golden Age of American Family Vacations” begins with a prompt to recall the by gone era of road trips. ‘Mention “family vacation” to a baby boomer…

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Enjoy some summer freedom on the Outer Banks Route 12

Answer the call of the open road this summer where you get away for the hectic, depleting summer travel woes of air travel. Why not head to North Carolina and travel Route 12 in the Outer Banks. With its 80-mile beach drive full of variety that will eliminate the boredom that comes most road trips.…

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